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Hosting Solutions

Hosting your own solution means hosting your own infrastructure which means to additional costs to you and your organisation. Hosting with SProgramming, carries just one annual fee which means that you can relax knowing that your systems have continual uptime, 24/7 support.

Even if you host your own systems in the cloud and you carry your own costs for services and your own maintenance teams. With us, we do all your maintenance, and ensure that you have a minimum level of 99.9% uptime.

Hosting Solutions Available

  • Web Solutions
    • Brocure Websites
    • Ecommerce Sites
    • API's
    • Web Applications
  • Database
  • Exchange

Benefits of a Hosted Solution

  • Reduced opperating costs
  • Server Monitoring
  • Managed Storage
  • Regular Backups
  • Scalable Infrastructure